Brittany Vincent

Professional writer of 10+ years. Specialties include video games, technology, entertainment, and music coverage.

Brittany Vincent is an accomplished video game and freelance entertainment writer of ten years whose work has been featured in esteemed publications and online venues in the realm of video games, entertainment, and more. Check out a recent article below, or browse her archived work using the navigation at the top of the page. You can also head to Brittany's alternative portfolio site here for additional articles. 

When Real-Life Female Friendships are Tough, Games Can Help

"We have to have a girls' night soon!" That’s how a female acquaintance—the one I can say I'm fairly close to—always concludes our monthly lunch date. Despite her cheery insistence, it never happens, but that doesn’t stop me from dreading the possibility.I know that if I go, I'll listen to everyone discuss their marriages, jobs, kids, wishing I were worlds away while also yearning to fit into their tidy lives. "Girls' night" is a nice sentiment, but it's never been my reality.
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