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Ghostrunner Review - Eat Your Heart Out, Faith

It could have come straight from the inner sanctum of Night City, starring everyone's favorite cyborg ninja Raiden from the Metal Gear Solid series. It's a sleek, mesmerizing challenge that's at once tantalizing and spellbinding. Practically oozing with style, it's the product of a true love for cyberpunk as a storytelling vehicle and as an aesthetic, as well as gameplay formula that will keep you coming back for more every single time. Ghostrunner is an impressive feat that fans won't want to pass up.

Gears Tactics Returns as XSX Launch Title - Interview with Coalition Studio

The Xbox Series X launch is merely weeks away � and the new console from Microsoft is sure to cause a stir on the market. Expectations are exorbitant, and the competition should be fierce in 2021, where we'll witness a clash of two global, technological giants, with our hard-earned money being at the stake. The success or failure depends on numerous factors, but in the end, it largely comes to available games. The quality of productions will conduct and determine the players� sympathies and

3, 2, 1! 14 Relaxing Video Games That Will Actually Help You Chill Out

In a year of headlines dominated by the COVID-19 pandemic, social injustices, economic challenges, political upheaval (don’t get us started on this one!) and Mother Nature’s fury—it’s safe to say we’re all feeling a little more stressed out than usual. If fact, 14 percent of Americans surveyed in April reported experiencing “serious psychological distress.” That’s more than triple the rate in 2018.

AMD Implies Radeon RX 6000 Launch Will Be Smoother Than Nvidia Rollout

After another disappointing Nvidia graphics card launch, competitor AMD took the time to poke some fun at its rival's expense by insinuating its launch will go much more smoothly. AMD is launching its Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards in October as an alternative to the GeForce RTX 3080 flagship and the premium RTX 3090, both of which seemed to go out of stock nearly instantly when preorders went live over the past few weeks. The RTX 3090 was nigh impossible to procure for most buyers. Betw

Borderlands Science Program Could Assist With COVID-19 Studies

Borderlands 3 may be a great multiplayer looter shooter, but it's also now an accessory to some important scientific studies. In a letter published in the scientific journal Nature Biotechnology, researchers from the Borderlands Science program have discussed their findings from a special data sequencing mini game built right into the popular game. These very same findings could be used, the authors suggest, in the eventual study of COVID-19, the illness caused by the novel coronavirus. The le

Unlimited Google Meet Calls for Free Users Extended Until March 31

"As we look ahead to a holiday season with less travel and important milestones like family reunions, PTA meetings and weddings hosted over video, we want to continue helping those who rely on Meet to stay in touch over the coming months," Samir Pradhan, Group Product Manager of Google Meet, wrote in a blog post. "As a sign of our commitment, today we’re continuing unlimited Meet calls (up to 24 hours) in the free version through March 31, 2021 for Gmail accounts." Original Story: Google Meet

Newegg Insider Reportedly Serves Up AMD Radeon RX 6000 GPU Specs

After Nvidia's disastrous series of GPU launches, those hoping to procure one of AMD's upcoming Radeon RX 6000 series are looking for a much different story. But first, specification details are in order. VideoCardz reports that the latest installment of Newegg Insider has the scoop on the specs for the Radeon RX 6900 XT, RX 6800 XT, and RX 6700 XT. Newegg Insider typically provides consumers with a litany of product information as well as buying guides, videos, and other information. While it'

MonsterLabo's The Beast Case Delivers Passive Cooling for Gaming PCs

PC case manufacturer MonsterLabo is bringing another unique PC chassis to the market. Its latest creation, The Beast, is an interesting find for anyone looking to build a gaming PC, as it comes packing zero fans. And it won't require any to do some serious cooling. The Beast is made of glass and 6mm-thick aluminum with a front panel that includes MonsterLabo's logo. Inside, it comes with ten 6mm copper heat pipes that connect to two 3 KG aluminum heatsinks. These are mounted inside the case for

Seagate Confirms World's Largest Hard Disk Drive on Track for December

Seagate's first hard drives with heat-assisted magnetic recording (HAMR) are set to arrive later this year. According to the company's product roadmap, the first HAMR drives on order will include the world's largest hard disk drive capacity at 20TB, TechRadar Pro reports, and we can expect to see it in December. While we were previously made aware that both 18TB and 20TB editions were in the works, there had yet to be an official date set. HAMR drives work as the hard drive temporarily heats u

Amazon Warns Xbox Series X Preorder Customers Their Consoles May Arrive Late

Those who preordered their Xbox Series X from Amazon may be in for a bit of a rude awakening. Buyers were met with an email from the online retailer on Friday notifying them that their consoles may, in fact, arrive after the system's official Nov. 10 release date. "We’re contacting you about your order of Xbox Series X to let you know in advance that you may not receive this item on the day it is released due to high demand," the email reads. "We are making every effort with the supplier to p

Doom Comes to Life in 'Half-Life: Crowbar - Deep in the Dead'

What would it look like if you combined two of the most popular first-person shooters of all time? It might resemble something like Half-Life: Crowbar – Deep in the Dead. This Half-Life mod by Mr_Floyd takes Valve's iconic shooter and breathes new life into the first episode of Doom. The result is a totally believable spin on what could happen if Half-Life had spawned Doom in the first place. It takes all of the original levels from Doom's Knee-Deep in the Dead and remakes them completely in th
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