Snapchat’s ‘Bitmoji Tennis’ game is cute, but ultimately frustrating

Snapchat's gaming platform Snap Games is host to a few fun-filled mini games that you can invite your friends to play on the go. One of the first titles for the platform, Tiny Royale, proved it was just as formidable of a diversion as any "bigger" console release, and could easily capture your attention while being played right from within Snapchat. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of Snapchat's new Bitmoji Tennis game, which is colorful but ultimately hollow.

'Judgment': Game Review

Put simply, it’s the best crime drama not on TV. Sega and Ryu ga Gotoku Studio's Yakuza series, while excellent, is still unfortunately relegated to niche status by most gamers. Luckily, fans know quality when they see it, and with 2016's Yakuza 6: The Song of Life giving legendary series protagonist Kazuma Kiryu a fitting end for his storied legacy, fans have been clamoring for another sojourn back to where it all began: the fictional city of Kamurocho. Judgment (Judge Eyes in Japan) is a spi

Days Gone

When you aren't facing off against Freakers, there's still plenty to do. The open world is positively teeming with various subplots to explore and side quests to pursue. Deacon and Boozer have their own unique narrative threads to unravel, but along the way you'll become entangled in others' stories as well. There's a wide variety of different survivors to chat with who'll need your help taking item A to point B and everything in between. Most of your time will be spent traveling via Deacon’s m

'Crackdown 3' Plays Like An Old-School Game, And That's A-OK By Me

Today, games try to be a little of everything. Every month we have a new open-world, narrative-driven, high-production, content-packed, 100-hour magnum tour de force blockbuster release, and it’s a great time to be a gamer. Titles like Red Dead Redemption 2 and God of War blew us away with just how far the art of video games has come. Secretly — just between us — sometimes all that content just wears me out. I’m not always looking for some big damn epic journey. Sometimes, I want something a li

Video Game Review: ‘Astro Bot Rescue Mission’

Virtual reality titles often excel at offering immersive experiences, but too often the isometric, platformer games of the medium lack a crucial element: The feeling that one is truly inside the game. With few exceptions, most of these sorts of VR games that have you controlling a tiny figure inside a game are content with giving players a front row seat as sort of powerful, omniscient spectators, but rarely as a figure in the context of the actual game. That’s why “Astro Bot Rescue Mission” is

'The Evil Within' is more frustrating than terrifying

Your first brush with frustration in Shinji Mikami’s blood-drenched action horror saga The Evil Within comes only minutes after you’re first given control. Bound and hung from the ceiling via meat hook with only corpses surrounding you, you’re forced to swing from side to side until you can free yourself and run to safety. There's a hulking behemoth of what appears to be a deranged butcher in your way, however. He stands before a table, doing who-knows-what to the poor, unfortunate soul in fron

'Assassin's Creed Unity': Glitches and microtransactions mar a pretty Paris

Assassin’s Creed Unity was a game I really wanted to like. I’ve been a fan of the Assassin’s Creed series since its debut, and have always gotten a kick out of the games, despite some flaws. After last year’s Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag really raised the bar for the series in both scope and storytelling, I couldn't help but get excited at the prospect of another grand fight with the Templars. However, Unity has jaded me not only to the Assassin’s Creed brand, but to Ubisoft as a whole. I c

Frostpunk Review: Toiling In A Winter Wonderland

Most city-builders have you setting out to build a sprawling, shiny metropolises. In the leader of the genre, Cities: Skylines, you might have to contend with a natural disaster or two, but the most pressing threats most of the time are too much traffic and poor trash collection. Frostpunk turns the genre on its head to create what might be the first survival/city-builder where each move centers around the survival of your community.

Monster Prom Review: Everybody Run, The Prom Queen's...Undead

Monster Prom is one of the most frustrating games I've ever reviewed, for several reasons. On one hand, it's a gorgeously illustrated and colorful adventure that's centered around an energetic group of monsters. It's like that part was created specifically to tailor to me. On the other, it's rife with the same awful, cringe-inducing humor present in games like Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator and it feels like a random number generator that takes zero skill to master.

The Alliance Alive Review: Come Together

The Alliance Alive appears to have a lot going for it at a glance. It combines tried-and-true JRPG mechanics with chibified characters to call forth the classics of yesteryear. It's got a catchy name. It seems to have all its ducks in a row. Unfortunately, developer Cattle Call simply doesn't seem to have tweaked the formula it tested out with previous release The Legend of Legacy enough just yet. The resulting The Alliance Alive is a serviceable adventure that ends up just a bit lacking, in bot

Read Only Memories: Type-M Review: Dystopian Heart

Read Only Memories is a unique twist on the point-and-click adventure game, taking cues from the cyberpunk aesthetic and style of the classic Hideo Kojima-helmed Snatcher. Since its initial release on PC, it's been ported to most systems, including the PlayStation Vita, but until now it hadn't been given a mobile port. Now, mobile players have a chance to strike out on their own to explore Neo San Francisco while on the go. Read Only Memories: Type-M is an excellent, downsized version of the gam
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