Review: Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters

Whenever the Vita's library expands, I always get unreasonably excited. Double excited if there's a new IP to add to the fold, because I'm seeing a lot of sequels these days. That's why I was ecstatic to hear that Toybox Games' Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters was making its way to the West via Aksys Games. While Toybox's previous effort Hometown Story failed to engage me, Tokyo Twilight seemed as though it'd be a much more robust offering. As an intriguing amalgam of visual novel pageantry and stra

Review: Story of Seasons

For every sim, there is a season As a fan of both casual and intermediate simulation and farming games, the Harvest Moon series has always been a mainstay for me. I grew up on several different iterations of the Natsume-published entries beginning with Harvest Moon GB, dabbled with PlayStation 2 releases, and graduated to portable DS titles that found me clearing derelict farms of trees and debris and dating the farmer of my dreams. Story of Seasons, the latest “proper” entry in the Harvest Mo

Review: Criminal Girls: Invite Only

What they need is a good defense We all know the PlayStation Vita is now the de facto home for all things Japanese. Ports, remakes, re-releases, and original content all trickle down similarly to the little handheld that could, and the Vita port of 2010's PSP adventure Criminal Girls is one of the latest to join the fold. The original release picked up a subtitle on its way westward and found place in retail sales as Criminal Girls: Invite Only. The Vita release is a strange amalgam of role-pl

Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn Review

Final Fantasy XIV found itself languishing back during its original release only weeks after its inception. The juggernaut Final Fantasy XI grew into was a tough act to follow, but no one predicted such a spectacular failure. Square Enix took note and responsibility and made a resolution to learn from its past mistakes, releasing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn as a "rebirth" of sorts for the massively multiplayer online role-playing game that could.

Mass Effect Andromeda Review-In-Progress: Ruff Ryder

While exploring an ancient facility known as a Vault on the planet Eos in Mass Effect Andromeda, I was asked by my AI assistant SAM to follow the coolant lines routed beyond a closed door. The lines wrapped around a corner and continued on through the door to the next area. It seemed like the logical next step according to the mission's waypoint, but when I tried to prompt protagonist Ryder to open the door, she wasn't able to. The door remained locked.

Snipperclips - Cut It Out, Together! Review: Just A Trim

Have you ever taken a piece of construction paper and snipped away at it endlessly until you were left with some ornate design? That’s probably a staple of most people’s childhoods. Cutting away at colorful paper is just fun to do, because you either never know what you’re going to end up with or you finish up with something precise and beautiful. That’s how playing the Nintendo Switch’s debut puzzle game Snipperclips - Cut It Out, Together! made me feel.

Just Dance 2017 Review: You Should Be Dancin', Yeah

Just Dance is a baffling series, and Just Dance 2017 is no different. It’s always been available on consoles that have never quite nailed full-body tracking (the Wii comes to mind). When it did make its debut via the Xbox’s Kinect peripheral, the game improved slightly with the ability to include your entire body into the mix. The Switch’s iteration feels just as crippled as ever, with a release that didn’t really seem as though it had a legitimate reason to be made other than to cash in on the

Halo 5: Guardians Campaign Review - G4@Syfygames

The Halo franchise has been on shaky ground since 343 Industries moved in. On one hand, you have the foreign-feeling but excellent Halo 4. On the other, you've got The Master Chief Collection, which months after its release was still plagued by some of the most frustrating multiplayer issues this side of Xbox Live or PlayStation Network outages. Taking over a franchise as mammoth as Halo is difficult enough when things go right, but where do you go after you seem to have failed so many fans by dropping the ball on the original titles?
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