7 Anime to Watch While You Wait for Neon Genesis Evangelion on Netflix

The beloved and iconic '90s anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion is making its way to Netflix, marking the first time it's ever been available on a streaming platform. All 26 episodes, including films The End of Evangelion and Evangelion: Death (True)2, will be available on June 21. Since its debut in 1995, Evangelion has remained one of the most influential and lauded anime of all time, attracting new fans even in 2019. The story centers on a clandestine organization known as NERV, which recru

From Game to Screen: The Biggest Things Detective Pikachu Changed

Pokémon Detective Pikachu is finally out in theaters, with Ryan Reynolds bringing everyone’s favorite poké-detective to life. The video game on which the movie is based hit the Nintendo 3DS in March 2018 – just about a year ahead of the movie’s debut. You may have already picked it up and played it, especially since it came out alongside an oversized Detective Pikachu amiibo figure. So if you already played the game, is it worth going to see the movie in theaters, or would you essentially be se

10 Bad Attempts at Marketing to Female Gamers

It's depressing, but it's a well-known fact that video game publishers and big-name corporations just don't know how to market their products toward women. Let's not mince words here: they're just awful at it. Whether it's a pastel PSP or an ad proclaiming "Girlz Play Too," there are some truly horrific examples that will likely conjure a wicked case of second-hand embarrassment. Despite the endless amount of surveys that proclaim half the video game-playing public to be women, it's still such

Game Boy and 'Tetris': A Puzzling, 30-Year Love Story

In April, Nintendo celebrated the 30th anniversary of the release of the Game Boy. The portable video game console debuted on April 21, 1989, to an eager fan base, and sales between the original Game Boy and its 1998 successor, Game Boy Color, total over 118 million worldwide. The major success of the hardware was tied, from the beginning, to a legendary piece of software: a Russian import called Tetris.

'Anthem' Was a Half-Baked Attempt to Beat 'Destiny.' Instead, It Copied All the Bad Parts.

From the moment footage of BioWare's newest video game Anthem surfaced, comparisons were drawn to Bungie's popular Destiny series. Destiny long suffered from player frustration and burnout—even its sequel couldn't resolve its woes—and fans saw Anthem as something of a savior that would swoop in and right all the wrongs they felt Destiny had committed. It would be a "Destiny killer," so to speak.

How BioWare is handling relationships in Anthem

BioWare’s Anthem game was always going to court controversy. This live-service action-RPG is a departure from the single-player centric experiences that the studio has become known for delivering – Anthem was almost guaranteed to ruffle a few feathers along the way as a result. There is, however, one creative decision that seems to have ignited outrage in the hearts of BioWare fans above all else, and that surrounds the studio’s decision to make pursuing romantic relationships an impossibility i

Everything To Know About K-Pop Group Blackpink (Before They're In Your Area)

K-pop is a veritable phenomenon, and it's invading the U.S. as we speak. And while Korean boy bands have been making a push Stateside for awhile essentially uncontested — save for a few female-centric acts here and there — it's time for a girl-power takeover. Blackpink is more than ready to settle into position. With a 2019 world tour on the way (including arena stops in the U.S.), members Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, and Lisa are about to bring their bombastic brand of music to the masses.
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