Five Life Lessons I've Learned From Pokémon

I’ve grown up — rather fondly, I might add — with Pokémon. Over the years the several different hundreds of pocket monsters have become my dear friends. Simply settling into a new game (like I’ve recently done with Black) is a comfort to me. In a tumultuous, changing world, I find solace in the fact that while the games have metamorphosed over the years, whittling down a health bar or throwing a Poké Ball haven’t changed.
Kill Screen

What does Bravely Default: Flying Fairy say about the future of the JRPG?

“If my fate is to die, I must simply laugh.” This curious sentiment was delivered by a powerful demon king some 20 years ago. It was a jarring statement, then and now: if death is inevitable, what can you do but accept it with a smile on your face? But we’ve experienced deaths a lot of deaths since then in Japanese RPGs and greeted few of them with smiles. We cling to memories like Yuffie clinging to stolen materia, tightly, but without a smile to be found.
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