Graham McTavish’s Ne’er-do-well ‘Witcher’ Role Was Years in the Making

When it comes to channeling evil, Graham McTavish gives it everything he has. From Castlevania's fearsome and hopelessly misunderstood Dracula to Preacher's vicious Saint of Killers, McTavish has long towered over the competition — literally. That’s due in part to his imposing 6-foot-3 frame, but also his thick, rich accent, both of which seem concocted for the express purpose of on-screen subjugation.

‘S.M.A.S.H.’ Resurrects the Joy of Childhood Saturday Mornings

Cynics may look back on this time as one where most cartoons were meant to sell something (namely, toys), but what ultimately made this era of pop culture so special wasn’t the products or the sugary cereal that accompanied so many viewings. The allure of the Saturday morning cartoon was about being young — letting yourself giggle helplessly at something silly, getting wrapped up in epic adventures and transportive tales. And if you were a parent, watching with your children, Saturday morning ca

Love ‘Cowboy Bebop’? Watch These Shows Next

That feeling you get when you finish an amazing anime series and don't know what to do next? That's post-anime depression (PAD). Those who’ve recently watched Cowboy Bebop for the first time are likely well acquainted with PAD. Honestly, you can't do much about it, except letting the feeling run its course. It's like a breakup, in that the only thing that'll make it better is time... or something new. You can, of course, go watch Bebop again — but nothing is quite like the first time. If you nee

From the Stage to Sorcery: Anya Chalotra’s Path to ‘The Witcher’

Anya Chalotra has been a professional actor for just five years, yet she managed to land one of the biggest roles in Witcher history. The British actor kicked off her career with stage plays, bringing her talent to the legendary Globe Theatre in a 2017 production of Much Ado About Nothing, then following up with stints at the Theatre Royal Stratford East and Royal Theatre for productions of The Village and Peter Gynt. Only in her early 20s at the time, Chalotra managed to juggle these roles wit

Stream It or Skip It: ‘Pacific Rim: The Black’ Embraces Its Dark Monster Movie Roots With a Slick Anime Sequel

Netflix’s Pacific Rim: The Black follows siblings Hayley (Gideon Adlon) and Taylor Travis (Calum Worthy), who find themselves struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic vision of Australia. It’s been ravaged time and time again by the massive and destructive kaiju, the giant monsters introduced in 2013’s sci-fi adventure Pacific Rim. After a mass but ultimately failed evacuation of Australia, some survivors remain, and the rest fell to the kaiju.

VENN | GAMING | ‘It Takes Two’ Offers a Delightful Refresh to Co-Op Adventure Genre

Though something felt as though it was lost in translation with A Way Out, Fares and the Hazelight team have stumbled onto something patently wonderful with their latest offering, It Takes Two, the new co-op adventure game slated to launch on March 26. It’s an important exercise in not judging a book by its cover (though you should absolutely judge the book in this game), as at first glance, It Takes Two seems like another pithy “you do X, I’ll do Y” co-op adventure in which things rarely change

How Final Fantasy VII Remake legitimizes sexuality and gender identity

In Final Fantasy VII, spiky-haired protagonist Cloud Strife fights countless battles. But when he arrives in the red-light district called Wall Market, he faces what might be his greatest challenge: cross-dressing. To rescue his childhood friend and ally Tifa Lockhart from a seedy old slumlord, Cloud infiltrates an adults-only establishment called the Honey Bee Inn. The catch: to get to her, he must go undercover as a woman.

VENN | GAMING | ‘Resident Evil Village’ PS5 Demo Shakes Up the Franchise in All the Right Ways

The demo appeared swiftly on the store, though it appeared to suffer a mighty blow from players flocking to download it en masse, which made a game already unavailable to a large sect of the population even more difficult to procure — keep in mind that PS5s are still scarce, after all. There will be another, separate demo hitting all platforms later this spring, but for now, PS5 owners get a chance to experience the horror first.

I Miss My Disney SketchBoard and Making Secret Magical Girl Manga

Believe it or not, Disney’s software for kids used to be top-notch. In the early 2000s there were no bizarre CoCoMelon videos on YouTube or hundreds of phone-based apps to educate younger users, but there was high-quality edutainment software, and Disney (as well as several others) excelled at reaching the little demographic. I sampled much of it myself, usually as a result of one of my many trips to Office Depot with my parents.

Sweater Design? Gin Rummy? Typing? These Are The Mario Games You've Never Heard Of

Mario is an institution in the realm of gaming. As the instantly-recognizable star of massively popular titles like Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Odyssey, this Italian plumber is one of the most iconic video game characters of all time. As such, most of us are familiar with Mario's "body of work." We know he's the star of excellent platforming games, and occasionally stars in kart racing titles or parties down with other characters from the Mario series.

The Biggest Video Game Surprise Hits of 2020

It’s been a year of surprises for us all. Not only did we kick off the spring with the coronavirus pandemic, but we’ve seen a series of anomalies throughout 2020 that have shocked and amazed. The realm of video games wasn’t left untouched by the strangeness that permeated this year, though many of the surprises the industry brought have been much more exciting and positive than those meant to shake us to our core. From unsuspecting titles becoming veritable mobile phenomena to anime-centric fre

The best Xbox Series X|S accessories you can buy now

If you’ve brought home an Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S in the past couple of months, there’s no doubt you’ve been in need of some extra accessories. Whether that includes a new headset to chat with your friends during multiplayer games or a secondary controller to keep charged up when one runs out, there are myriad accessories on the market to help you get the best out of your new console. With 2021 right around the corner, it’s a better time than ever to build up your collection of Xbox Seri

Microsoft Missed the Mark Not Having a Pack-In Title For Xbox Series X Launch

Pack-in games have been an important part of new console launches for decades, dating back to the Magnavox Odyssey in the 1970s, arguably the first home video game console. Over 40 years ago, buyers were looking to recreate what they played in the arcade in the comfort of their living room, and, for many, a home version of Pong was the only reason they would ever even consider purchasing a console.The game, a pack-in with the Odyssey, helped drive sales of the console.
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